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Hazy Nut Coffee Blend | Hazelnut Blend | 12oz


(5 customer reviews)

For the hazelnut coffee lovers that enjoy a little more flavor in their morning cup, the Hazy Nut blend takes you from a hazy, sleepy morning to up and runnin’! With a hint of caramel and gentle light and fruity notes, this blend will soon become the go-to hazelnut coffee that you will look forward to drinking every single morning.

Don’t worry about the squirrels, they’re just mad we took their nuts.



  • TASTE NOTES: fruity, caramel and hazelnut note
  • Hazelnut flavor, carefully hand crafted, artisan style

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5 reviews for Hazy Nut Coffee Blend | Hazelnut Blend | 12oz

  1. Krista B.

    This is my favorite blend these guys have. The hazelnut is not overpowering and it smells great!

  2. Junius G.


  3. Indah Zawar A.

    Coffee is very good, and I like the artwork on the front of the bag. Will be coming back for more.

  4. Isabel D.

    My mailbox smells so good now! Shipping was fast, price is reasonable, and the beans were fresh and tasted great!

  5. Aglae H.

    My husband’s new favorite coffee. I think this will be our new regular coffee.

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