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Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Blend | Medium Roast | 12oz


(40 customer reviews)

Medium Roast

Coming from a farm located between two looming volcanoes, our Bourbon Barrel Aged Blend beans come from Fina Nueva Granada– a perfect example of how a farm can become more than a source of delicious coffee. The farm has on-site schooling and implements impressive sustainable practices for coffee processing. From perfecting the recipe to selecting the finest taste notes possible, only perfection is acceptable.

The result? A smooth cup of coffee with an awesome finish!



  • TASTE NOTES: dark chocolate, butter, cinnamon, toasted nuts/raisins
  • REGION: Finca Nueva Granada, San Marcos
  • PROCESS: Washed Process
  • Artisan Crafted Custom Coffee

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Coffee Roast

40 reviews for Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee Blend | Medium Roast | 12oz

  1. Kevin S.

    I found my new “go-to” coffee and coffee house. The Bourbon Barrel Aged Blend from The Crawler Brewing Co.! So smooth and flavorful. Outstanding!!

  2. Kevin S.

    Back for another round of Bourbon Barrel Aged Blend. So bold, yet so smooth. You gotta try this! Love the artwork on the bag too!

  3. Andy N.

    The coffee tastes great and goes down smooth. I drink my coffee black and it was quite enjoyable. Shipping was quick and the bags have some cool designs. Will definitely try some of the other blends.

  4. Lori A.

    This is the best coffee I’ve had in a long time. My husband and I love trying new coffee blends and this has been my favorite thus far!

  5. Jessica .

    Arrived super fast! Smells wonderful, looks great and can’t wait to give these in our holiday gifts. Cool packaging!

  6. Laurie T.

    Product was purchased as a gift for a coffee fan so I can not comment on the flavor. However, it smells fantastic and I had to put it in a cardboard box to disguise the scent. The product came on time during the Christmas rush.

    Will have to come back and report on the flavor later.

  7. Lauren .

    Tastes amazing and my husband loved it as a gift!

  8. Saffyre .

    Great coffee for my dad that arrived in time for Christmas.

  9. Unknown

    Our friend loved her gift – thanks!

  10. Tracy .

    Hubby loved this coffee! I may be purchasing more in the near future😝

  11. Lizzie F.

    Ok so my first thought was “HOLY CRAP THIS IS GOOD”. Second thought was “I need to get more of this coffee!!” 😂 Thank you, wow this was very good!

  12. Adam M.

    Unique flavor, definitely coming back for more.

  13. Maxine S.

    Bought as a gift, but it smells absolutely amazing.

  14. Daniel G.

    Love the coffee flavor and the artwork on the bag. Overall great taste and highly recommend.

  15. Stanley G.

    Great coffee!

  16. Liza S.

    The owner is so nice and helpful when I emailed her and asked about coffee roasts. Great customer service!

  17. Kassidy L.

    By far my absolute favorite coffee. I also purchased the Raspberry Revival and love then both so far!

  18. Delma H.

    Quality product and fast shipping.

  19. Tammi G.

    I had purchased this product for my cousin, but she says that the flavor is outstanding! It smelled so good when I opened the box, and will return to get some for myself.

  20. Venus D.

    I’ve been looking for a good bourbon coffee for a long time. This blend is AMAZING and is my wife and I’s new favorite.

  21. Renita W.

    So so good! Great quality, freaking superb

  22. Thomas G.

    A great product, good price, and quick shipping. Checked all my boxes!

  23. Mark N.

    Purchased as a gift for my bourbon obsessed husband! Super tasty, and enjoy that this company supports sustainable farming and their community. Love the artwork too.

  24. Kenyon I.

    I do not like really strong coffee blends, so this blend provided a perfect smooth taste that I really enjoyed. Will definitely buy another bag. Thank you

  25. Yvain O

    Coffee was great, owner is super nice!

  26. Gemma A

    Loved the artwork and it tasted great! Made a wonderful iced coffee!

  27. Hailey C

    I ordered two of the Bourbon Barrel Coffee Blends, and plan on ordering more! This is my favorite coffee blend.

  28. Kaitlyn O

    Really good, thanks!

  29. Maryann W

    My favorite blend thus far

  30. Jennifer S

    My husband and I love this coffee!! We will be ordering more.

  31. Michelle C

    Perfect with a pour over!

  32. Marium .

    Great taste and flavor, shipped fast as well

  33. Marissa M

    Back again for my favorite coffee! 🙂 Perfect every time

  34. Nancy P

    Great flavor! Will be coming back to try different blends as well.

  35. Jeremy F

    I love the coffee at this place, all flavors are unique and delicious. I love the artwork on the bags as well.

  36. Mary M.


  37. Susan M.

    I love this bourbon coffee, it goes down so smooth. I like the smoky flavor too.

  38. Joshua D.

    My gf and I love this coffee blend, tastes great!

  39. Nancy E

    This was a gift! She loves the coffee!

  40. Elisianne S

    Lovely packaging and delicious coffee

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