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Smokin’ Barrel Coffee Blend | Dark Roast | 12oz


(3 customer reviews)

This dark roast cannot be tamed. This rich flavor is intense enough to be found outside in the wild west, but delicate enough to kick off its boots and hat when going inside for supper. Rounded up from the regions of Central America, Africa, and Indonesia, The Smokin’ Barrel Coffee Blend has the rich dark and bold taste you would expect from a dark roast but also tastes sweet and gentle when milk and sugar are added to the mix.

Whoa, take ‘er easy there now, pilgrim! You can always get yourself another cup.



  • TASTE NOTES: adventurously rich & bold, deep array of flavor
  • REGION: Raro Boda, Uraga, Guji; Huehuetenango; Licsala, Fatu Besi, Ermera
  • PROCESS: Washed Process
  • A robustly dark taste that’s so delicate you’d think it’s all smoke and mirrors

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Coffee Roast

3 reviews for Smokin’ Barrel Coffee Blend | Dark Roast | 12oz

  1. Maryann G.

    GREAT STRONG DARK ROAST! My favorite up to this point.

  2. Mark L.

    Delicious, would get again

  3. Emily B.

    Five stars!!!!!!!!!!

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